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Stretch ceiling with LED lines in the living room



Green walls in interiors, stretch ceilings


Our company's specialty for many years has been the production of extremely aesthetic and at the same time functional stretch ceilings. Our company not only puts emphasis on aesthetics, but also guarantees reliability by using the highest quality materials. In close cooperation with experienced architects, interior designers and decorators, we ensure the full satisfaction of even the most demanding customers.

Stretch ceiling with LED lines


Thanks to this effective cooperation, we can certainly guarantee that each stretch ceiling we create for you will not only meet your expectations, but will also perfectly fit the character of your space. We treat each order as unique, which results in an individually tailored project, giving our structures a unique character and style.


sufit napinany
sufit napinany
sufit napinany z połyskiem
sufit napinany z połyskiem
sufit napinany z połyskiem
Amber Park hotel spa z basenem sylwester
Sufit napinany z gwieździstym niebem
Sufit napinany w kuchni
Sufit w SPA
Sufit napinany LED

In our company, we always try to keep up with the times and offer our clients the most modern arrangement solutions. Therefore, for some time now we have been offering our clients a unique service, which is making unique green moss walls. Depending on the needs and expectations of our customers, we offer:

A green moss wall in the form of a painting

this type of decorations in many different shapes, sizes and colors. We approach each order individually and make them by hand, which allows us to influence every element of the entire structure. As a result, you will receive a unique structure that will undoubtedly become a unique element of interior design. It will certainly attract the attention of your guests!

LED lighting and fiber optics

We deal with LED lighting and fiber optic installations. Let's create beautiful light arrangements together

żyrandol światłowodowy
żyrandol światłowodowy
żyrandol światłowodowy
gwieździste niebo
żyrandol światłowodowy
gwieździste niebo
dekoracje światłowodowe


Let's start with an idea. . .


Let's think about it together or with our architect


We will create your dream project for you.

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